8AM In Charlotte Lyrics – Drake

8AM In Charlotte Lyrics - Drake

Singer Drake
Music Drake

8AM In Charlotte Lyrics

In God’s hands (Conductor)
Be grateful
That He was there
Glory (Yeah)
I’m out here on the road
You can hear it in the voice (Glory)
Ah-em, still get this shit off, though

The money speaking for itself, I call it fortune-tell
Fire top from a bitch that work at corporate sales
Chinchilla ushanka, we skiing out in Courchevel
Breaking news, they tried to kill him, but the boy prevails
I leave for tour and my niggas fucking go to jail
Preaching to the dogs ’bout wanting more for themselves
It’s weighing heavy on my moral scale
Knowing they gone sell another citizen ‘cane
They think they Orson Welles
Walk in Chanel, they like, “How the fuck you need more Chanel?”
I got these cats tucking tails on fourth-quarter sales
I’m used to seeing tears drop over enormous meals
The restaurant clears out, faint echoes of Lauryn Hill
I say, “We gotta talk about us, ” I feel like Jordan Peele
Could tell I’m getting under your skin like a orange peel
‘Cause your words don’t match your actions like a foreign film
And now it’s silence in the Lamb’ like the horror film
Things get quiet after me stating the obvious
Things get kinky after fifteen years of dominance
That October sky is looking ominous
The money is autonomous
Shout’ to Oliver North, he out in Rome doing Toronto shit
And Jeremiah the watchdog, you niggas know what time it is
I’m in and out of Houston Hobby so much, I’m a hobbyist
Hoes waiting on Cench in the lobby, that boy a lobbyist
Savage got a green card straight out of the consulate
Where I go, you go, brother, we Yugoslavian
Formal is the dress code, dawg, so many checks owed
I feel Czechoslovakian, nigga, what the fuck?

Nah, I’m moving different right now, for real, like
I feel like if Mike switched out the glove for the pen, like
This shit just too enticing right now, you know?

Diamonds do the silly dance, I raise up the wine glass
Metal detectors beeping and security bypass
The numbers going up, someone pull up the line graph
The days are going by, it’s like I’m living in time-lapse
Been talking to Adel like he majored in finance
Shania Twain, notepad, I’m making it line-dance
You tryna rob me, and it’s gone feel like you sitting at
your favorite restaurant ’cause, nigga, that’s where you dying at
Mob ties, I swear we like a bitch with fine
sisters and fine cousins, the family all bad
I’m preaching to the dawgs about cleaning they images
I swear I’m like a young T.D. Jakes to my menaces
Long-kiss goodnight, PDA for my nemesis
Three hunnid acres, PGA on the premises
That’s what’s really bracking like this verse in parentheses
I’m giving hits to niggas on some, don’t even mention it

[Interlude: Drake]
Like, don’t even worry about it, like
You can hit me back whenever, or
Or don’t, you know?
It is what it is, I guess
Yeah, hm

You young boys take some of that money and set it aside
Not having enough to pay your tax is a federal crime
You niggas obsessed with me, and it’s not on no-hetero vibe
Handle beef so quiet, you think that I’m letting it slide
Next thing you know, we tip-toeing past enemy lines
Diss me so long ago, we making your memories fly
Conspiracy theories start floating ’round like the Kennedy guy
I’ll prolly hold a grudge against you guys ’til I’m seventy-five
Ayy, niggas lying for a living, I couldn’t relate
We all gotta lay in the bed we make, but that couldn’t be Drake
You forced a lot of fake love when real ones stood in your face
That’s why you got deserted by your niggas like pudding and cake
I got you on camera bowing down, but the footage is safe
Thank God, another USB to put in the safe
Thank God, at the crib, dipping my foot in the lake
I swear that y’all turned me into the villain, I couldn’t escape
Not saying I’m the best at what I do
I’m just saying that it’s me versus whoever wanna lose
Pick any one of the Who’s Whos, I got .22s for new crews
R.I.P. to the DJ from Houston, we loose screws
Helicopters, cop lights, and news crews
Niggas steady crying to my daddy, well, boo-hoo
You prolly heard a lot about the boy, well, true, true, haha

(In God’s hands) Yeah
(Be grateful)
(That He was there)