A Nonsense Christmas Lyrics – Sabrina Carpenter

A Nonsense Christmas Lyrics - Sabrina Carpenter

Singer Sabrina Carpenter
Music Sabrina Carpenter

A Nonsense Christmas Lyrics

Think I only want you under my mistle toe
I might change your contact to has a huge North Pole
You said you like my stockings better on the floor
Boy I been a bad girl I guess I’m getting coal

Lemme come warm you up
You been out in the snow
Baby my tongue goes numb
Sounds like ho ho ho
I don’t want Santa’s elves
Underneath this ol’ tree
Here’s a lil carol I wrote
It’s about you and me

You’re my wishlist
Lookin at you got me thinkin’ Christmas
Snowflakes in my stomach when we’re kissin’
When you’re comin’ down the chimney ooh
it feels so good I need that Charles Dickens
You be santa clause and I’ll be Mrs.
Take you for a ride I’ll be your vixen
I don’t even know I’m talking Christmas
I’m talking I’m talking

I’m talking decking all the halls
I’m talking spiking eggnog
I’m talking opposite of small
I’m talking big snow balls

You got a new toy for me
I’m out here trimming tree
I caught that holiday glee
my true love gave it to me

Look at all those presents that’s a big sack
Boy that package way too big to gift wrap
Woke up this morning thought I’d write a
How quickly can you build a snowman think fast