Brick – From Ashes To New 

Brick Lyrics - From Ashes To New

SingerFrom Ashes To New
MusicFrom Ashes To New

Brick (Lyrics)

Iʼm holding onto a ledge
The whole world kicks my fingertips away
(I feel my body hit the ground like a)

Itʼs too late
(I feel my body hit the ground like a brick)

Verse 1:
Staring down into the open
I canʼt breathe because Iʼm choking
And now Iʼm hanging by a moment
Yeah I know that thereʼs no hope for me

Rap 1:
Iʼm standing on the edge it wasnʼt part of my decision
You pushed me but instead you probably shouldʼve fucking listened
But now we just pretend itʼs not my grave that weʼve been digging
Just admit it
(Hold my shovel)
Put me in it

Pre Chorus:
And every time I die I feel like Iʼm alive
Living a facade
Is this real or have I finally reached the end

Verse 2:
Build me up until Iʼm weightless
Cut me down until Iʼm faithless
Every part of me is breaking
And I hate that thereʼs no saving me

Rap 2:
Iʼm falling to my death because youʼre scared
Iʼm something different
And Iʼm the fucking mess while you keep acting like the victim
You locked me in a basement with a fire in the kitchen
Now Iʼm finished
(Pay attention) Burning bridges

And thereʼs nothing left to say
When Iʼm losing everything
Itʼs a sideways pill to swallow
When itʼs too late