Carry On – The Score, AWOLNATION 

Carry On Lyrics - The Score, AWOLNATION

SingerThe Score, AWOLNATION
MusicThe Score

Carry On Lyrics

Take a trip inside my head
Leave your sticks and stones
Broken bones, I’m left for dead
But still I carry on
When I am down, I carry on
When it’s cold in this wild wild world
Everyone’s trying to dig your grave
I carry on
When you’re told you don’t the fit the mold
Now everybody’s got a say
I carry on
When the madness all around us starts to take it’s toll
I carry on
It’s a long, dark, winding road we’re on oh but I carry on
Here I go again the sound of silence ringing in my head
Same as yesterday
See the sirens, all I feel is red
I bet the house don’t make no sense
But all I got’s what’s in my chest
So here I go again, here I go