Christmas Truce Lyrics – Sabaton

Christmas Truce Lyrics - Sabaton

Singer Sabaton
Music Sabaton

Christmas Truce Lyrics

Oh, I remember the silence
On a cold winter day
After many months on the battlefield
And we were used to the violence
Then all the cannons went silent
And the snow fell
Voices sang to me from no man’s land

We are all, we are all, we are all, we are all friends

And today we’re all brothers
Tonight we’re all friends
A moment of peace in a war that never ends
Today we’re all brothers
We drink and unite
Now Christmas has arrived and the snow turns the ground white
Hear carols from the trenches, we sing O holy night
Our guns laid to rest among snowflakes
A Christmas in the trenches
A Christmas on the front far from home

Oh I remember the sadness
We were hiding our tears
In a foreign land where we faced our fears
We were soldiers
Carried the war on our shoulders
For our nations
Is that why we bury our friends?

We were all, we were all, we were all
We were all friends

A Christmas on the frontline
We walk among our friends
We don’t think about tomorrow
The battle will commence
When we celebrated Christmas
We thought about our friends
hose who never made it home
When the battle had commenced