Earthquake – Knuckle Puck 

Earthquake Lyrics - Knuckle Puck

SingerKnuckle Puck
MusicKnuckle Puck

Earthquake LYRICS

5:13am eyes open wide;
She’s like a dream to me, a cranberry sunrise
Phased out the red, white and yellow
Traded her VHS for my mixtape
The ground begins to shake
Every time she comes my way

And when I press her about the past
Picture perfect she’s far from that
More ideas than IOU’s
With the ambition to see ‘em through

You look so good; you’ve got me confused
I can’t just cover it up like your first tattoo
You got me shook, trippin’ over my shoes
An earthquake ain’t nothin’ compared to you

Feel the crash at noon from lack of coffee and Prozac
No emails coming through
In my mind I’m with you
The ground begins to shake every time she’s in the room

Feelin’ tremors run down my spine
Chill me out just like an SSRI
She hates me whenever I go
It hurts more than it shows