EDGING LYRICS – blink-182

EDGING LYRICS - blink-182

Singer blink-182
Music blink-182


I ain’t that cool
A little fucked in the head
They’ll be hanging me quick
When I’m back from the dead
Get the rope

I’m a punk rock kid
I came from hell with a curse
She tried to pray it away
So I fucked her in church
Don’t you know

They say you’re not safe here if I stay
With a knife that sharp no way

No I leave them broken hearted
Oh no look at the mess we started
Oh no I leave the broken hearts this way
What you say
You want to play

Yeah don’t be fooled
I’m only letting you down
They pursued me on foot
But I hid in the crowd
Like a ghost

The seats of my car
Are filled with cigarette burns
I got a fire in my eye
A little blood on my shirt
Let’s hit the road

I know there’s a special place in hell
That my friends and I know well
There’s a perfect place to go
When it’s time to lose control

Nightmare daydream
You can’t save me