Fall – Neck Deep

Fall Lyrics - Neck Deep

SingerNeck Deep
MusicNeck Deep

Fall Lyrics

This city’s beating
This city’s like a drum
Oh can you feel it?
Oh can you feel it coming up?
Your eyes, sunrise in the dark
Gets me wild and sets me off
Catch me, I’m falling
Catch me, I’m falling pretty hard

I’ve never seen so many faces leaving trails and making waves
Damn, it feels so good to

Fall into the night, the night
Fall into the light, the light
You might find the real you
I can’t fight the need to
Fall into the night, the light

This city’s calling
This city’s calling out your name
Lipstick’s appalling
Left kisses all up on my face

We’re getting deeper, falling faster
But we might just take it too far
Damn, it feels so good to…
Fall into the night

I’ve never seen so many faces making waves
I never feel like looking myself in the face on Sunday morning
It’s poison really,
It’s ordinary

Trust me, it’s been a little slice of heaven
I hope we get together again
And then the next time we meet
I swear I won’t be such a freak
We can do ordinary shit
Take it easy
Take it easy