Hundred – Katelyn Tarver 

Hundred Lyrics - Katelyn Tarver

SingerKatelyn Tarver
MusicKatelyn Tarver

Hundred Lyrics

It took me a hundred and twenty days to let you go
so why are you calling
Wondering about the girl you used to know

After all this time, I never thought
you’d still be holding on to
What you said you didn’t want

I hate it , I waited so long for
You to understand that we had it
That magic, now it’s too late to start again
But how could I ever really let go
when you won’t ever leave me alone
I hate it, you waited now you gotta let it end

It felt like a hundred and twenty minutes on the phone
with you talking in circles
You never were too good with words

You say you don’t wanna see me hurt
but the more you try to make it easy
it only makes it worse

a hundred days sober thought
I had it under control
Now youre saying you miss me
And now I’m starting all over