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I Can’t Believe I Died lyrics

It’s really over, I can’t believe that I died
I do not exist, I am no longer alive
The world turn to stone, right before my eyes
& now i’m a memory inside of everyone’s mind

I crossed the other side, I am on the other side
Will I meet god? was I a matter of time?
Was my whole life was a facade? where is my mom?
I can’t believe that I died, I can’t believe died

Wait damn, I can’t even say goodbye to my daughter
I wanna hold her right now & I wanna tell her I love her
I would give everything, I mean every single thing
If it means I could hug her

Thats a moment I won’t get, I’m feeling so much regret
Life came and went
I wish I would of appreciated every moment we spent
Nothing is left, damn

My life crashed and burned
Gone forever, I’ll never return
I can’t imagine the agony my mom is feeling
I know that she is gunna hurt
So will my dad, I know he’s gon’ break
Damn I know he’s gon’ break
Not telling both of my you how much I love you
Was probably my biggest mistake

If I could go back in time, I would of did everything different
I would appreciate life, and would of actually lived it
I’d take my anger inside & give my enemies forgiveness
The anger I held inside, made my life feel like a prison

I would of stayed off my phone, I wasted all of my time scrolling
Living my life thru a screen, when I should of lived in the moment
Now I’m feeling this regret & honesty I can’t control it
Cuz I know that motherf*cking life is over & it kills me to know it

& I’m hurt, yo all of this hurts
My daughter needs me, But I’m not around
I lie in the dirt, They always say, don’t take life for granted
But It’s to late, I no longer have it
And yeah we can pray
But there’s no seconds chances

But I’m praying, sorry im outta line
But I need my life! I’m begging you please
She gunna be traumatized
The moment she walks up & she sees
A coffin, where her father lies
And She’s going to scream & she’s gunna weap
And I don’t wanna see her cry

I can’t believe that I died
I reach the end, damn, I never imagined this
The world I’m in, stopped, it really went stringent
I’m so perplexed, shocked, don’t know handle it
Knowing, knowing that I wont get a chance again

Standing on the other side, I’m by myself
Missing you, realizing that my tears won’t help
always depressed, who saw the best in me
Now that I’m gone, I rest in peace
My life pasted before my eyes
I’m wishing for one last time
I Never saw my demise
I can’t believe I died