Love Cycle Lyrics - ENISA


Love Cycle Lyrics

Running around in circles
I just can’t’ get you out of my head
Fight the connection but
the emotion keeps on pulling me in
Try to resist you
Util I hear you
Knock, knock back in my door now
I’m falling into habits that I broke through, ohh

You just keep me
Moving in slow motion
Right back at the start

Another round cause we never give up
Would shut it down but I want it too much
I’m a slave to the rhythm I can’t break away
Another round spillin’ outta my cup
I take it down but it’s never enough
I’m a slave to the rhythm I can’t break away

You got me stuck in a
Love Cycle
La-la-la-la-la-Love Cycle Love
Love Cycle Love

Thought that I told you
we were suppose to keep our intentions clear
The more that I try to keep my hands off you
The more that I want you here
Can’t break the cycle
Stuck on a high
NO, stop, stop
Can’t take it no more no
You made me question
What are we doing this for?

One more time
Hey, Hey
Love Cycle
Love Cycle