Misery Loves Company Lyrics – EST Gee

Misery Loves Company Lyrics - EST Gee

SingerEST Gee
MusicEST Gee

Misery Loves Company Lyrics

[Intro] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse] If I could die from disses, I probably would’ve been cremated
(I probably would’ve been cremated)
I came up (M-M-M-Murda) from servin’ them sacks of hard to
A free baser (Servin’ them P’s)
Arguin’ with God, when I paid the bond
He ain’t free Kada (Ain’t free lil’ man)
You ain’t dedicated if you don’t hop out on feet chasin’ (Feet chasin’)
Niggas dead broke, say the key to paper is be patient (Nigga, fuck that)
But fuck waitin’, been tryna buck lately (Fuck that)
Live local, late break-in
High clucked out ridin’ with enough rounds then I could truck down
You hear that rip sound, nigga, better get down ‘fore he get found
Spit it from a switch round, dead nigga kiss clouds and I’m rich now
And I still ain’t switch crowds (I still ain’t switched up)
Can’t put my blick’ down (Can’t put my blick’ down)
And I probably never will (I never will)
Red called me from Heaven said, “You better chill”
Maybe it was Hell, but I couldn’t tell ’cause I’ll answer still (Still I answer for a bro)
I get high and hope that I’ll forget my mama’s cancer chills
Bullets hurt, made me hooked to ercs, I gotta have my pills
She hurt me first, even at my worst, I still pay half her bills (Pay half her bills)
It’s a opp survive, through grace of God, I pray he lack again (Lord, I pray he lackin’)
It’s OT folks, lowkey want that smoke, I don’t be tappin’ in (No, I don’t be tappin’ in)
Real gangsta, I can’t speak on no beef I ain’t active in (On no beef I ain’t active in)
They respect my money ’cause it’s bloody, I still act and spin (Blood on my money)
Don’t just throw your hood up ’cause you from it, nigga,
What have you did? (What you doin’ in your hood?)
All I need’s a yo, lil brodie, chops and a pack of cigs
Pitch a tent, and sit out front his crib, right where this nigga live