R&B Shit – J.I. Lyrics

R&B Shit Lyrics - J.I.


R&B Shit Lyrics

She got me on some R&B shit
Eyes closed, movin’ like I never see shit
Rubbin’ on my waves while we fuckin’ got you seasick
Know I love it when we fuckin’, I be speechless
Cancel appointments just so I could have you waitin’ on it
Need you to ride it like you put a down payment on it
Cause I know he was so wrong to you
And I ain’t tryna make no song for you, but you got it
Gotta stop fuckin’ on Lena
Fell in love with Christina
Fuck with both of those bitches but they don’t bust it like Nina
Was bout to hit up Selena
Cause you made me wait so long for you
I only keep you company
Don’t tell ya friends you fuckin’ me
Harassing all my bitches, tryna make ‘em feel uncomfortably
You bring up what I did, but you can’t bring up what you done for me
Used to tell me “what’s so wrong wit you?”
And I wish I could freeze time, so we could travel to the past and we can rewind
And I wish I could freeze time, I put a new AP on ya wrist for the meantime (Yeah)
We could travel to the past, I could fuck you in the ‘20s
We gone have rich sex, show you how to make this money
You like bringing up the past, so I found that kinda funny
Imma take you back in time so I could teach you how to love me (oh..) (oh oh)
And I ain’t tryna make it on ya blocklist
I’m the one who put you in Dior cause you would shop lift
I’m not ashamed to say the love we had was toxic
Just another ghetto love story wit a plot twist
We should get attached wit no strings for the night
I remember when you used to be my fling for the night
When you, you don’t do those things that I like (uh.. uh)

She got me on some R&B shit
Travel to the past just to take you out ya cleavage
I could show you how to live life for the weekend
On some freak shit
I wish I could freeze time, so we could travel to the past and we could rewind
And I wish I could freeze time, I put a new AP on your wrist for the meantime
That’s if you feelin’ like you need time
Cause lately I been feelin’ like you really need time
Lately I been feelin’ like we really —

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie:
You know I don’t trust bitches (yeah)
And niggas ain’t gettin no money they just got it for the meantime
I ain’t no fuckin’ role model (hah)
My favorite rapper was a drug dealer, prolly why I sold dimes
Don’t show no love my nigga I know love’ll get you killed,
thats why I show love so different
My wrist covered in VV’s
Ion even think they know what VV means
Lately I been feelin’ like I need time
She left her heart with someone else and now she need mine (yeah)
Talkin’ bout her body count, I’m knowin’ she’s lyin’
Whatever she tell you, multiply it by 3 times
But I squeeze it and I leave in the night
I bust down the face and that’s how I freeze time (yeah)
They make it up like maybelline
I put yo ass in Amiri, took you out of them Levi’s (yeah)
Bulletproof the Maybach, you only see blinds
Took your ass to Elliantte, your diamonds don’t need light
If you finesse me more than once, then I must be blind (yeah)
I was only 16, that was like my first time
And see like homie look like seventeen but (Yeah)
I still keep one in the head so I got eighteen inside it
My young niggas don’t fight
Always keep one nine right by their side
But on your free time, yeah
I can put Chanelly on your waist but can I please have some me time
Freeze time, put a new AP on yo ass for the meantime
That’s if you feelin like you