Red, White & American Blues – David Morris 

Red, White & American Blues Lyrics - David Morris

SingerDavid Morris
MusicDavid Morris

Red, White & American Blues LYRICS

Coming live from the heartland in a nowhere town
Dozing off in homeroom, dreaming bout getting out
Fixing up an old Chevy and driving around
Skipping rocks by the river and waiting to be found

This for the kids working summers out on their family farm
Ten hour days in the sun setting them early alarms
Birds chirping, roosters crowing, at the daybreak of dawn
This for family traditions that we carrying on

This for active-duty service men and women who are representing
Overseas defending our freedoms, missing their family dinners
This for all the veterans, coming home and just starting over
Dealing with stuff we can’t understand in the mind of a soldier

This for the flashbacks, the nightmares, the memories
The good times, the bad times, how it was and how it’s meant to be
We’ll get through this together, someday I hope eventually
I just pray I’m alive to receive the blessings sent for me

Shout out to my country folk, the working class, the little guy
Some of us don’t wanna be famous we want a simple life
A healthy and a happy family, we just want to get it right
A house and a steady job and a cold beer on a Friday night

I got the red, white, and American blues
I’m in hand-me-down Levi’s and cowboy boots
I’ve been lied to my whole life, now I’m in search of the truth
In my Cherokee doin’ 90 on MacCorkle Ave

I write my name on the wall so they know me, they keep hating on me
Hungry like a buffet at Shoney’s, it’s me and the homies
Yea we got each other, but this little town is lonely
Just cuz we went to high school together don’t mean that you know me

Maybe I’ll get out, I’ll drive a country mile
This for single moms who work two jobs to afford their house
For all my brothers who ain’t here, I know they’d be proud
I know they up there looking down, don’t worry I got us now

I’m in a beat up Chevy truck I’m driving fast I’m revin’ up
I’m tryna leave all of my problems but they just ain’t letting up
I got some demons tryna knock me down but I keep getting up
Everybody’s disappointing me, so I keep stepping up

This that West Virginia, 304 Live, Appalachian vibes
Get up off your phone and go outside, shit go for a drive
Walk into the woods and stare up at the sky
And appreciate the beauty in this world, you only get one life

To live….go on and live it
And if some shit needs forgiven just forgive it
Cuz life is precious man, it could be gone in an instant
It’s all about appreciating the moment and really being in it

I got the red, white and American blues
When you come from where I come from you got nothing to lose
People gonna hate on you anyway you got nothing to prove
Just stay focused, set goals and make sure you follow through

I have nightmares of seeing my friends dying on the ground
I hear mommas crying, I’m in a black tie and it’s quiet now
The sad thing is, it’s happened to many times to fucking count
So the second they start talking about popping pills, I’m out

Im turning that shit off…get lost…get well
We don’t glorify that shit ‘round here we get those people help
They sent 3 millions pills to a small town in West Virginia
While American families mourn, these companies get richer

It’s crooked pharma, it’s pocketed politicians
Doctors writing prescriptions enabling addiction
It’s the stigma attached to dependency that people judge but don’t listen
They’ll engage from a distance and start treating you different

I’m barely alive, buried inside, its very confined
it’s scary, I’m blind, I’m wary, I’m dying
I’m bearing the weight of the world on my shoulders I’m biding my time
Out of my mind, I’m waiting for God to send me a sign

I got the red white and American blues
go out there and make a difference just don’t stare at the news
Follow your dreams aim for the stars but remember the truth
The top of the mountain’s always got the scariest views