Sleeping – Over Easy & Wyle ft. Linney 

Sleeping Lyrics - Over Easy & Wyle ft. Linney

SingerOver Easy & Wyle ft. Linney
MusicOver Easy

Sleeping Lyrics

These rumors flying just like bullets from a gun
I’m losing sleep so tell me should I stay or should I run?

You always steal my voice like a thief in the night
So used to lying down, never put up a fight
But I, I can’t keep silent ‘cause I finally saw the light

Last night while you were sleeping, sleeping
Packed all your shit, you’re leaving, leaving
Found out the secrets you’ve been keeping, keeping
I should have listened when my friends said
I’d be better off without you

Breathe out, breathe in
I won’t be flying off the deep end, deep end
I finally fought off all of my demons, demons
I’m starting over ’cause I opened up my eyes
While you were sleeping
While you were sleeping
While you were sleeping

I hear your stories but they feel so overdone
What’s the use in trying when we both know that
you’re not the one

I’m standing up this time, boy, ready or not
I’m moving on with life, you should give it a shot, yea
You’re only sorry ‘cause you know that you got caught