Sydney Lyrics – Rich Brian

Sydney Lyrics - Rich Brian

SingerRich Brian
MusicRich Brian

Sydney Lyrics

Flyin’ out to Sydney, class is on bee’s knees
I’m a doctor’s writing, you can never fuckin’ read me,
I just had my birthday, and I wished that I could be me,
You old news, so when I look at you I’m reminiscing

Fuck your ego, salty like some miso
My pockets on Shaquille O’Neal, your pockets on DeVito,
You thought that you were running shit, I turn it to the Me show,
an ocean full of drip, but you still lost just like you’re Nemo

I can’t stress, I can never stress,
started caring less, and man I’m feeling the effects,
I made myself too proud too many times to feel regrets,
got the shiny Rollie, bitch, I’m taking my time to reflect, like…

You ain’t my commodity, no it ain’t too hard to see,
I can’t wait for you to say some shit that ain’t involved with me,
I’ve been home and making money calls right from my balcony
shit, I don’t care what anybody say long as I’m proud of me

I came from my bedroom to the motherfuckin stage,
talked to God the other day, I told him look at what you made,
it’s a championship, I’m getting seven rings in seven days,
your career is like a emo kid, it’s just a fuckin’ phase

And I can’t wait for you to just get over it,
I’ve been the shit for long, you just too late to notice it,
vlogging cameras, man, you do everything but focusing,
my mind on January, but you still on that October shit