Woman – Nao ft. Lianne La Havas 

Woman Lyrics - Nao ft. Lianne La Havas

SingerNao ft. Lianne La Havas

Woman Lyrics

You see me in a magic place
I got here with real good reason
Heaven with another face
Got me feeling so high

Baby I’m living in a magic place uh
It’s showin me that god’s a woman yeah
So maybe you should worship me
Yeah I’m reigning the skies

You ain’t gotta tell me where to go when to come down
Ain’t be working this hard for the throne just to fall now
I guess you gotta wait cause I don’t wanna come down
Yeah I’m feeling so high

If god is a woman on Sunday imma worship us
Take my mirror out the bag and fill it with confidence.

Yeah a woman’s worth is everything without you baby .. uh
Put your blinkers on if you don’t wanna see it baby
If it all falls down I’ll make another way again cause I’m feeling so high

Take it
Can’t take it all from me (don’t let don’t let don’t let)
Break it
Can’t break if off from me
Got me feeling so high

Light it out um
Light it out
Play at nothing just ride it out
You’re never lonely if you’re feeling doubt
Yeah we’ve all been through it
Let it go in then say it out
Hold your head up and wear your crown
There’s never know way that you’re coming down
Got us feeling so high